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How Review Wrangler Works

Unlock the full potential of your customer feedback with Review Wrangler, your all-in-one solution for managing, boosting, and leveraging your online reviews.

View, Manage & Respond

See all your reviews in one place. Share your glowing reviews on social media and craft perfect responses with the help of our AI-powered assistant. It’s never been easier to engage with your customers and amplify your positive feedback.

Integrate Review Platforms

Easily connect your review platforms such as Google and Facebook, along with many others. Our native integrations allow you to respond directly from the dashboard, making your review management process seamless and efficient.

Setup Your Customized Review Link & QR Code

Control the narrative by filtering incoming review requests. Direct customers with less than stellar experiences to a private form where they can leave feedback, helping you manage your online reputation more proactively. Customize the appearance and settings of your review link to align with your brand and even generate your own QR code.

Send Email & SMS Review Requests

Boost your review volume by sending email and SMS requests to individuals or groups with our CSV upload feature. Schedule reminders for 3 and 7 days after the initial request to maximize response rates, and keep track of all your requests’ statuses in one place.

Showcase Reviews On Your Website

Enhance your website’s social proof by showcasing selected reviews. Customize the appearance of your website review widget to complement your brand, making your positive feedback a focal point for all visitors.

Share Stellar Reviews On Social Media

Instantly share your reviews on Facebook and Instagram. Connect your accounts and customize the visuals to match your brand’s aesthetic. With just a click, broadcast your customer’s praise to a broader audience, enhancing your social media presence.

Your Own Analytics Dashboard

Gain insights into your review performance across all platforms with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Understand your review volume, origins, and areas requiring attention to refine your strategies and improve your online reputation.

BONUS: Get Your Review Tap Stand

As a token of our appreciation, receive a custom review tap stand equipped with NFC technology. Display your review link and personalized QR code prominently in your business location. This premium tool, valued at $49 or more on Amazon, is yours free with your paid subscription to Review Wrangler.

Dive into our comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your review management process, enhance your online reputation, and foster deeper connections with your customers.


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Basic Plan

Get Started With Reviews
$ 47 Monthly
  • 2 Review Platform Integrations
  • 100 Monthly Email Requests
  • Customized Review Link
  • QR Code

Advanced Plan

Robust Review Management
$ 97 Monthly
  • 10 Review Platform Integrations
  • 500 Monthly Email Requests
  • 50 Monthly SMS Requests
  • Customized Review Link & QR Code
  • Reply with AI
  • Analytics Dashbaord
  • Website Review Widget
  • Share On Social Media
  • BONUS: Free Tap Stand

Professional Plan

Multi-Location Business Management
$ 197 Monthly
  • Unlimited Review Platform Integrations
  • 1000 Monthly Email Requests
  • 100 Monthly SMS Requests
  • Customized Review Link & QR Code
  • Reply with AI
  • Analytics Dashbaord
  • Website Review Widget
  • Share On Social Media
  • Automate Review Collection
  • Manage Multiple Locations (up to 3)
  • BONUS: Free Tap Stand
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not completely happy within the first 30 days of using our service, simply cancel your subscription and you will not be charged. And if you decide to cancel after those first 30 days, you can do so anytime without further charges. We're here to make sure you're confident and content with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boost your brand's online presence, engage with your customers more effectively, and transform your reviews into your strongest asset.

Review Wrangler is a comprehensive software solution designed to help businesses manage, respond to, and boost their online reviews across various platforms, enhancing their online reputation and customer engagement.

Review Wrangler aggregates your business reviews from multiple platforms into a single dashboard, where you can easily respond to them, share them on social media, and utilize AI assistance for crafting responses. It also offers tools for sending out review requests and displaying reviews on your website.

You can integrate Review Wrangler with a wide range of review platforms including:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Trustpilot
  4. Tripadvisor
  5. Booking.com
  6. Airbnb
  7. GooglePlay
  8. AppStore
  9. Yelp
  10. Agoda
  11. Amazon
  12. eBay
  13. YellowPages
  14. OpenTable
  15. Healthgrades
  16. RateMDs
  17. Zocdoc
  18. BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  19. Foursquare
  20. Zillow
  21. Etsy
  22. Expedia
  23. Indeed
  24. Zomato
  25. Capterra
  26. VRBO

Plus, we have plans to add even more in the near future. Our native Facebook and Google integrations allow for seamless management and response directly from the dashboard.

Yes, Review Wrangler provides a feature that allows you to direct customers with negative feedback to a private form, enabling you to manage and address their concerns directly, while positive reviews can be shared publicly.

Review Wrangler enables you to send review requests via email, SMS or WhatsApp, either individually or in bulk using our CSV upload option. You can customize these emails and set up automatic reminders to maximize your response rate.

Absolutely! Review Wrangler offers customizable templates for emails and review widgets, allowing you to align them with your brand’s look and feel, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance across all customer touchpoints.

Our AI Reply feature utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to read and understand the context and sentiment of each review. Based on this analysis, it crafts a professional and thoughtful reply that is tailored to the specific feedback provided in the review. The AI-generated response aims to reflect a tone that is courteous and aligned with your brand’s messaging. Once the AI proposes a reply, you have the flexibility to review, edit, or regenerate the response to ensure it perfectly meets your standards before publishing it.

Our AI Reply feature is designed with sophistication and sensitivity to handle a wide range of feedback scenarios, ensuring responses are always appropriate and professional. However, we understand the importance of maintaining a personal touch and full control over your interactions with customers. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to review and customize AI-generated responses before they go live. This hybrid approach ensures you benefit from the efficiency and consistency of AI, while still having the final say in how your brand communicates with your audience.

The Analytics Dashboard provides insights into your review performance, such as the number of reviews, their sources, and overall ratings. This information helps you understand customer feedback trends and areas for improvement.

The Review Tap Stand is a physical stand that you can place in your business location, enabling customers to leave a review by simply tapping their smartphone on it. It uses NFC technology and displays a QR code for easy access to your review link. It’s a unique tool to increase in-person review submissions.

Review Wrangler offers various subscription plans based on the features you need and the size of your business. Most plans come with a free 30-day trial, allowing you to test the software before committing. See our pricing section for more information.

If you’re not satisfied with Review Wrangler for any reason, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days without being charged. After the initial 30 days, you can cancel anytime, and you will not be billed further. There are no long-term contracts.